Rocky Balberna 2024 will take place from November 8 to 10, 2024.
The proven concept of free course selection on Saturday and Sunday will continue.
Teachers from all over Switzerland will again share their passion for Balboa!

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We look forward to seeing you!



You have never taken a Balboa class before or you can't remember much about it? Then the Basic Course is perfect for you. The first class takes place on Friday evening. You'll learn the basic steps and everything you need to enjoy your weekend from the very first party. You will continue your Balboa adventure with further classes on Saturday and Sunday.

Intermediate to Advanced

At Rocky, we offer you flexibility. You can choose from one of four rooms, each with different topics and levels. The topics are Pure Bal, Bal Swing, or Teacher’s Choice. You could decide to dance Pure Bal or Bal Swing the entire weekend! Each class also corresponds to a level: Intermediate, Int/Adv, or Advanced. Feeling a bit tired from all the partying? Then choose the Intermediate room. Looking for a challenge? Head to the Advanced room. We also need some flexibility from you to ensure there are equal numbers of followers and leaders in each room. Classes are conducted in English.

Larissa and Heiko (CH/BS)

Level I/A

Larissa and Heiko have been dancing and teaching together for more than a decade. They love spreading the joy of swing dancing at their local dance school Basel Jitterbugs and across Europe. They both dance different styles of swing dance and mix them up depending on the tempo and energy of the music.

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Valérie and Stefan (CH/ZH)

Level I/A

Valérie and Stefan found their access to the world of swing dances through Lindy Hop. Together they have been teaching weekly classes since 2011 and are actively building a strong local scene by offering regular and special classes, organizing social dance events and workshops at their own dance school in Zurich.

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Amy and Alex (CH/GE)

Level I/A

Amy Lu and Alexander Lieu are Swiss-American dancers based out of Geneva, Switzerland where they teach weekly Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Lindy Hop classes for Geneva Swing. They provide tools and advice to physically and mentally empower individuality within partner dance. Authenticity, personal expression, play and joy are their core values.

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Nina and Anthony (CH/SG)

Level I/A

Nina and Anthony have been sharing their passion and expertise with students around the world for nearly a decade. They are dedicated to creating a learning environment that emphasizes strong technique and in-depth historical knowledge in various dance styles making them excellent mentors and teachers. Their classes are thoughtfully structured to accommodate dancers of all levels, from beginner to advanced. Join Nina and Anthony in their journey to elevate swing dance through quality education and a genuine love for the art form.

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Sarah and Lukas (CH/BE)

Level Basic

The spark for Balboa dancing ignited for Sarah and Lukas during a workshop many years ago in France. The elegance, the close connection between follower and leader, and the subtle, witty movements fascinated them equally. Since 2011, they have taught Balboa together and with other dancers, helping to build the Balboa scene in Bern.

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Laura and Simon (CH/BE)

Level Basic

Laura Schmid and Simon Hunziker are experienced dancers and teachers specializing in swing dances like Balboa. Both emphasize the musical connection in dancing and enjoy blending different swing styles. In their teaching, they convey that dance is more than just executing step sequences; it's about the connection with the partner and the shared groove. They teach at various dance schools and events, inspiring their students with their passion and expertise.

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Michel Poffet Quartet


Michel Poffet will perform at Rocky Balberna with his trio and saxophonist Rolf Häsler. Michel Poffet, born in 1956, is one of the most active and versatile jazz, blues and rock/pop musicians on the Swiss music scene. He has been playing with musicians and bands from Switzerland, Europe and the USA since 1975.

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Raphael Jost Quintet


He is a singer and pianist, songwriter and arranger and has already received the Swiss Jazz Award for his debut album - Raphael Jost is a multi-talent. He surprises with his powerful, warm voice and moves lightly between jazz and pop.

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New Hot Club of Zurich


New Hot Club of Zurich play groovy swing from Paris in the 30s and 40s and bring back memories of Django Reinhardt.


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Where to eat

In the center before the party on Saturday, from 6pm. Last order at 19:30.

Please make a reservation: +41 31 934 03 60