Rocky Balberna 2022 will take place from November 11th to 13th.

Registration opens on September 1st, 2022.


Larissa and Heiko (CH/BS)

Level I/A

Larissa and Heiko have been dancing and teaching together for more than a decade. They love spreading the joy of swing dancing at their local dance school Basel Jitterbugs and across Europe. They both dance different styles of swing dance and mix them up depending on the tempo and energy of the music.

Amy and Alex (CH/GE)

Level I/A

Amy Lu and Alexander Lieu are energetic swing dancers currently based out of Geneva, Switzerland where they teach weekly balboa classes for Geneva Swing. From the USA, they both discovered their love for Lindy Hop and Balboa at the Century Ballroom in Seattle in 2006, where they met, establishing a lifelong partnership on and off the dance floor.

Valérie and Stefan (CH/ZH)

Level I/A

Valérie and Stefan found their access to the world of swing dances through Lindy Hop. Together they have been teaching weekly classes since 2011 and are actively building a strong local scene by offering regular and special classes, organizing social dance events and workshops at their own dance school in Zurich.

Angélique and Matthias (CH/BE)

Level I/A

Angélique originally comes from Toulouse in France, where she has acquired a broad repertoire of dances over several years and taught them to university students. Her experience gives her a strong background in dance techniques. Her greatest and unbroken passion is and remains Swing - Balboa, Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. She is often seen at workshops and dance events in Europe and also organizes workshops for the local scene in Bern.

Barbara und Sabrina (CH/BE)

Level Basic

Sabrina and Barbara are two experienced Balboa dancers who have already taught in Bern. With their enthusiasm and joy, their sense for the intricacies of the Balboa and their methodical skills, they succeed in skilfully introducing dancers to the movement sequences.


Benny's from Heaven


Belmondo's dance band

Sunday Tea Time Dance

The New Hot Club of Zurich


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At Zent before the Party on Saturday

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