Amy and Alex (CH/GE)
Level I/A

Amy Lu and Alexander Lieu are Swiss-American dancers based out of Geneva, Switzerland where they teach weekly Balboa, Collegiate Shag, and Lindy Hop classes for Geneva Swing. They provide tools and advice to physically and mentally empower individuality within partner dance. Authenticity, personal expression, play and joy are their core values.

For them, connection and accessibility for all dancers are essential. They consider the anthropological background of the dances in conjunction with the biomechanics of movement. Combining their values for healthy bodies and pedagogical backgrounds in education, yoga, and somatic movement, Amy and Alex teach fun classes suitable for all to inspire curiosity, exploration, and creativity.

Some of Amy and Alex’s accomplishments include: 1st place Pro-Strictly European Balboa Festival 2019 & 2022, 1st and 3rd PRO Mix & Match European Balboa Festival 2022, 1st and 3rd place Open Mix & Match Snowball 2019, 1st place Mix & Match Jitterbugs Delight 2022, and 1st place Strictly Jitterbugs Delight 2023.